Our New Look

Welcome to our blog page!

We at Impact Investment Partners are launching a new chapter in our evolution as a unique financial management service for Indigenous infrastructure projects. With our new Indigenous Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIIF), we felt it was time to have a logo that told more of our story.

Our expertise walks two worlds. We have a deep and proven knowledge of the infrastructure and funds management systems needed to deliver large-scale projects. We also have a strong connection to land and our culture. We respect the organic nature of building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island infrastructure for the benefit of our investors and their communities.

Our new logo is based in our past, present and our emerging future. It is derived of a leaf motif formed by three round shapes that represent our relationship with community, land and infrastructure. The straight lines on the outside of the leaf tell the story of the systems and structures we use to successfully manage our projects and financial investments for our clients. These point forward, showing our passion toward improving outcomes for the future through infrastructure. The lines form the veins of the leaf, the nutrition system of the plant, just as our systems feed the social benefit of the projects we fund, ultimately improving the well-being of the whole community.

We hope you like our new look. We also hope that you join us as we embark on the next part of our journey.