Introducing our Fund Director, Janice Morris

Following on in our series of interviews introducing the important people who drive the success at Impact Investment Partners we would like to share the story of our fund director, Janice.

What is your story?

I am originally from Malaysia from Chinese cultural heritage. I live in Melbourne with my husband and two sons. I have been in funds management for over 15 years and was looking for something different and inspiring that could use my skills and expertise as a funds manager but apply this in a social context.

I am passionate about profit for purpose projects that deliver both commercial and social outcomes. When I met Chris and joined the team I realised we could make a change in the world. Impact Investment partners could become a catalyst for changing how people think about Indigenous infrastructure projects.

What makes Impact Investment Partners different?

We place a value on integrity and authenticity. These align with my own values. We deliver financial returns for our investors, whilst prioritising the social benefits for the community through the projects we manage.

We are a company that focuses on social impact for the first peoples of Australia, combined with the required financial return for all astute financially minded investors. The Fund is not a charity.

Through our Indigenous Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIIF) we want to change the current financial landscape. We encourage Indigenous investors and communities to become involved in the financial funds sector. We offer stable long-term returns with cash distributions and capital growth.

What is your vision for the success of Impact Investment Partners?

That we deliver what we set out to do – meet investment objectives for all investors and through the assets that the Fund owns deliver the maximum social benefit to the relevant indigenous community groups. My hope is that Indigenous communities are proud of the assets that they own and operate and for non- Indigenous investors to be proud that they are partners with the indigenous communities. Overall, that we facilitate an expression of a financial and social partnership.